Тексты песен группы Stone Sour
Тексты с альбома Stone Sour [Get Inside, Orchids, Cold Reader, Blotter, Choose, Monolith, Inhale, Bother (Corey Taylor), Blue Study, Take a Number, Idle Hands, Tumult, Omega, Rules of Evidence, Wicked, Inside of The Cynic, Kill Everybody, Road Hogs]

Тексты с альбома Come What(ever) May [30/30-150, Come What(ever) May, Hell and Consequences, Sillyworld, Made of Scars, Reborn, Your God, Though Glass, Socio, 1st Person, Cardiff, Zzyzx Rd., Suffer (iTunes Bonus), The Frozen (iTunes Bonus), Fruitcake, Wicked Game]

Переводы песен группы Stone Sour [Bother, Wicked Game, 30/30-150, Socio, The Day I Let Go, Through Glass, Zzyxz Road]

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